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A creative dream

As an artist with a mind for a business one of my most difficult challenges has been finding a space where I can persistently and voraciously attack both fronts with ruthlessness and constant vigor. Working in a space Setup for creating Versus a space for doing business can sometimes be the difference between the sky and the ocean. Yet somehow I believe there has to be a way to bring the two together. In my mind I dream of a space where artists can be comfortable but productive, free but regimented ,open but focused, and relaxed But still respectful and professional. At the same time I would like the space to be a place where clients and consumers can observe, admire and appreciate the creative process and purchase art while still receiving the normal attentive catering and comforts Associated with the world of High end brick and mortar retail and privates in person sales. Can it be done?? It may be my life’s mission to find out.

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